About Kleroteria

The Lottery

Subscribers are chosen randomly at a regular interval. When chosen, they receive an email with a link. They may choose to submit a post at that link. If they do, they may be chosen again in the future.

Posts must be text-only, under three thousand characters (including whitespace), not advertisements, and free of illegal or hateful content (as determined by manual review). All posts are licensed under CC-BY-3.0.

Posts are currently sent weekly. When sent, no information about the post’s author is included automatically. Authors may identify themselves through their post contents if they like.

The Name

Kleroteria were ancient Greek lottery machines used in Athenian democracy. They selected citizens for public service to councils, juries, or public office. The singular form is kleroterion.

You can read more about them here.

Prior Art

The Listserve was a previous email lottery (and maybe the first). Now defunct, its posts are archived here.

The Icon

The icon is “Email Users” by Aneeque Ahmed.


Email Simon at simon@kleroteria.org or tweet @JoinKleroteria.


Our privacy policy is available here.


Kleroteria is open source. You can find the code on GitHub.