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Dream Journal

Here are some excerpts from my dream journal. Edits are marked by square brackets:

[...] "Step into your heart. That way you can be a kid in that way where nothing else matters." I loved when Air Bud told me that.

A movie called "Hustle", which is like parkour but for bored teens.

Kung fu with and against different versions of out-of-shape Jackie Chan.

Episode of Seinfeld where they test an aphrodisiac spray and show characters actually having sex on TV ("and it's hot"). The episode is so well known that it's a conversation starter with strangers.

Scary neighbors are friendly to me and control creatures from another dimension.

Robert the cool talking cat, brought by grandparents to a family gathering.

[...] one of them comments, "you can't spend your whole life obsessed with [actor] The Rock!"

[...] He tells a story about a guy at a party taking nibbles of tryptophan pills. Ask him why. "Confidence to talk to women." I tell a joke: "he must have been killing it at thanksgiving!" Crowd loves it!

Go to big outside party. Lady checks my id: it's a library id, no good for partying. I "fight for my write to party" which she and everyone loves.

[...] He says, "I love dreaming because I forgot what it's like to be amazed."

[...] We joke with a local, "you're drunk, but you're not hide-beers-in-the-ceiling drunk."

Spaceship alarm goes off. Something is wrong. People line up by a big double door, getting ready to fight. It opens up to chaos: aliens and people fighting without weapons as far as we can see. Teams try to pull others back to their ship. We form human chains to keep our own from being dragged off. One guy is nearly gone. I do a jumping kick and knock out his assailant. We get back safe, but my parents choose to stay behind for no reason. I'm furious and sad, and sob in the doorway.

- anonymous
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